Happy Birthday Unikko!

       Marimekko Unikko Classics


This year Marimekko’s  Unikko pattern celebrates its’ 50th Anniversary. It was designed in 1964 by Maija Isola, who was a versatile artist foreseeing future trends. Isola designed Unikko Print as a protest against the company founder’s statement that Marimekko does not manufacture floral prints! Funny that is, since this print started a new era for Marimekko and has became Marimekko’s most iconic design.

I love it. I have to be truthful that when I was growing up in Finland, Unikko print was everywhere, and I did get a bit tired of it. My Mother used to have the print in the kitchen curtains, in a tablecloth, and not just at home, in our summer cottage too! Most presents I received as a teenager, involved Unikko print… When I moved to UK, the print followed me as various presents – placemats, purses, fabric pinned as wall art…Oh dear. Then I had to pack it all away. I had Unikko allergy.


However, it was not until I was having a catch up with my lovely finnish friend Nina last year, and she pulled out this vintage fabric she had received from her Mother from Finland – gorgeous navy blue and yellows – my old flame got relit there and then!

(seen here as a little purse, soon available from Zanders & Sons)


(all images by Marimekko)